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Acer XF Leggera Titanium Driver
Price: $99.95

Golfers try to obtain more distance by using a lighter weight shaft, which most do so already. But that is only half of the equation if someone is seeking additional distance. The other component for tape measure drives is to increase the club length for greater leverage. But there is a potential problem: existing head weights are too heavy, creating a club that feels unwieldy.

The solution is the Acer XF Leggera. A lighter weight head, which when married to today's lighter and longer length shafts, reduces the overall weight of the club for an even faster clubhead speed. Featuring advanced manufacturing which sheds the weight from only the crown area and ensures the center of gravity is in the right place to create those monstrous drives you have only dreamed of.

Greed is good, so go long and not wrong, with the Acer XF Leggera.

Note: The recommended clublength of Acer XF Leggera is 46".

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Hand and Loft:

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Add Headcover $6.95
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Price: $49.95
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Price: $159.95
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Price: $49.95

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